Rent a Share of Crypto Mining Equipment!

We are building to 1,920 rental shares in Idaho Falls!


I am ready to start mining! How do I get going?

  • -Fill out the form below.
  • -We will email you the rental agreement.
  • -Read the agreement and sign it.
  • -Send it back to us.
  • -We will then send you a payment button through Paypal.
  • -Make the payment.
  • -You will start mining on the agreement date!
  • -Watch Crypto Currency getting sent to your wallet monthly.
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Frequently Asked Questions



What is a share?

Our mining equipment is made up of GPUs. We typically use 6 GPU rigs. We use the following GPUs: GTX 1080, GTX 1070, GTX 1060, and GTX 1050 TI. Each GPU is divided into a different number of shares depending on it’s potential contribution to our mining operation. The share schedule is as follows:

GTX 1080 – 21 shares
GTX 1070 – 16 shares
GTX 1060 – 11 shares
GTX 1050 TI – 6 shares

For example if you rent 16 shares, then you would be renting the equivalent of one GTX 1070.

What does my rental equipment do for me?

The GPU in your space will work in a mining pool. It contributes to the overall success of crypto currency. As it helps mine it will receive a share for everything it contributes. Your space’s share will be sent to your wallet after administrative fees on a monthly basis.

If I am local can I come and see the GPUs at work?

If you are renting from us then you are welcome to come and see the space! We will typically try to schedule you to come and take a look while the monthly payout is being calculated.

How much does one share of mining equipment cost to rent?

Each share rents for $100 for 2 years. For every 4 you rent at one time you get and additional 1 FREE!

How much can I expect to make?

The easiest answer to this is, WHO KNOWS!? With the ups and downs of Crypto Currency prices, mining rates, and all other factors it is generally understood that Crypto Currency is risky and mining is no different. The plus side of mining is that even when Crypto Currency is down you are still collecting more of it monthly. That means that if there is a large spike like we saw at the end of 2017 all of your past mined currency will also increase in value. However, as we have seen early 2018, when it goes down all your past earnings might also decrease. In short, Crypto Currency is speculative and carries risk.

How do I get my Crypto Currency that my rented equipment mined?

Each month between the 1st and the 5th we will run a conversion to USD and take the administrative fee that covers electricity, building rent, security, administrative time, and repairs. The same day we will then distribute the remainder divided by the number of shares.

As an easy example: If there were 4 shares and Bitcoin mined was .01 during the month after administrative fees then each share would receive .0025 BTC.

We send this directly to your wallet of choice. Currently we prefer to send to Coinbase accounts using your Coinbase email address to avoid transfer fees. If you are not already a Coinbase member or wish to have a wallet for BTC, ETH, LTC, and BCH sign up here!

What currency will Crypto Mining Idaho Falls LLC distribute to me?

We distribute in Bitcoin 1st if possible. If something happens that prevents Bitcoin from being used we will use Ethereum. There are no additional fees for us to transfer Bitcoin to a Coinbase wallet at this time. Ethereum payments and any other wallet used for Bitcoin may incur additional fees.

Is there a referral bonus?

If you are currently renting at least 1 share then you will receive a referral bonus of $10 in bitcoin for each share your friends or family rent! This doesn’t include FREE shares.

If they rent 3 shares, you will receive $30 in bitcoin in their first month.
If they rent 5 shares, you will receive $40 in bitcoin in their first month. (They rent 4 and get 1 FREE)

How much is the administrative fee and what is it for?

The minimum fee is $0.05 per share daily or 25% of the total (whichever is greater) and it is calculated based on the price of the Crypto Currency we are paying out in (typically BTC) at the close of the last day of the month being paid for.  This fee pays for the space we use, the power we supply to your equipment, the fan controlled environment around your space, the security of your space, insurance on your space, technicians that monitor your space, and more.

How can I ask another question that isn’t seen here?

If you have any other questions please fill out the comment form below: